Poly CCX 500/505

Brand: Poly

Features : 
Gesture-based, multitouch-capable capacitive touch screen, 5-inch color LCD (720 x 1280 pixel), Teams Certified, Integrated Bluetooth 4.2
Specifications : 

9:16 aspect ratio,Integrated Bluetooth 4.2, Voicemail support, 5-inch color LCD (720 x 1280 pixel),Voice activity detection, Normal and dark mode, Dedicated RJ-9 headset port, 10/100/1000Base-TX across LAN and PC ports, Poly NoiseBlockAI technology removes most background noise when using the speakerphone even while you are talking,

Mid-Range Business Media Desk Phone with Color Touchscreen


The Poly CCX 500 and CCX 505 stand miles above the competition with a 5-inch color touchscreen, glorious Bluetooth® connectivity, and kickass Android 9-powered performance. And let’s not forget the Poly’s audio expertise, audio quality and features. Have a home office or hard-to-cable location? Choose the CCX 505 phone with integrated Wi-Fi.