Jabra Speaker 2 75

Brand: Jabra

Features : 
Plug & Play Teams Certified
Specifications : 

• Connectivity USB C or USB A, Bluetooth (for smartphone/tablet only),
• Operating range (Bluetooth) Up to 30m | 98ft,
• Paired devices Up to 8 Bluetooth devices,
• In built Noise reduction on calls,
• Voice Level Normalization (Automatic Gain Control, AGC),
• In built Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC),
• Microphone pick up range Up to 2.5m | 8.2ft,
• Certifications and compliance *** Microsoft Teams.

This is Speak2 75, your personal pocketable device for the coffee-table-conferencing, dining-room-dialing, hotel-hot-desking meeting rooms of a hybrid world.It’s the next generation of professional, portable speakerphone, packed with the very latest technology. With our advanced super-wideband audio*,


wide screen for your ears Forget everything you think you know about portable speakerphones. We’re tearing up the rule book with super-wideband audio*, and an advanced full range 65mm speaker. Well, that’s not a question you’ll need to answer, because this advanced tech puts you (and your big ideas) front and center in every meeting, unscrambling the widest range of frequencies in your voice’s natural range, for a dramatically more powerful audio experience.Crystal-clear calls and rich, powerful music.