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Warranty:3 Year


• Compact and fully-featured HDTV surveillance for any light condition

• Slim, lightweight bullet camera

• HDTV 1080p at up to 60 fps

• Ideal for 24/7 video surveillance, in exposed outdoor areas such as parking lots and service stations, and for general indoor surveillance purposes wherever a compact camera is needed

• Offers a wide or tele lens alternative

• With Lightfinder and WDR – Forensic Capture, the AXIS P1435-LE bullet camera provides excellent image quality in HDTV 1080p resolution

• At low light, Axis’ OptimizedIR automatically adapts the exposure of the camera resulting in high-quality and low-noise video

• The camera features corridor format, pixel counter, remote zoom and focus, as well as P-Iris control – ensuring optimal depth of field, resolution, image contrast and clarity

• Axis Zipstream technology reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. 

Delivery: 3 - 4  weeks